Cure Your Putting Yips

If you struggle with the dreaded putting "yips", watch this video now!




    Art, Page 57 of Brian’s book, which everyone receives FREE with a putter purchase, contains a great practice drill that will help you learn better speed control.


    Gary, It is completely fine to control the putter/stroke with your lead hand/arm. check out the video on our website titled “Finding Your Controlling Mechanism”. Here is a link.

  • Team LEAN LOCK

    There are multiple videos available on our website; including many related to the LEAN LOCK setup. Check it out at
    This technique will work with any putting method. Our mission at LEAN LOCK is to help people putt better and enjoy golf more. The LEAN LOCK putting method does that, but it is not the only way.

  • John Sundahl

    The message makes sense and should work with even a regular length, armlock and even a broomstick. I am just starting with the lean lock. It seems good on shorter puts and I like catching the ball in the upswing. I also like it on really long putts, which surprises me with the accuracy. I will stick with it. Others in Cheyenne who have tried it seem to like it. I would love to get some videos of the set-up and use of the putter. Thanks. John

  • Art Smith

    Hi, Brian
    Great video. I did that years ago, and for some reason, more or less abandoned it. I think I’ll try it again. Of course, you never miss from those distances anyway. My problem when using that technique was sometimes I preset the putter in the wrong plane or path (too far inside or outside the correct path). I wouldn’t say that I have the yips since using the LL method, but I have found that (like any method I have used) my speed control has not been very good.
    Thanks for a very good video.

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