LEAN LOCK, The Ultimate Arm Lock Putting Grip

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Forget hammer putters and say goodbye to the putting yips, the LEAN LOCK putting system and custom putter takes arm lock putting to an unprecedented new level.

With LEAN LOCK the connection to the lead arm is so secure you can grip the putter softer, with LESS TENSION, resulting in better 'feel' and distance control.

Following the step-by-step tutorial and putting tips, you will quickly learn the LEAN LOCK method and improve all aspects of your putting stroke.


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Putting with arm lock putter requires an arm lock putter shaft that is longer than a conventional putter. Use LEAN LOCK'S arm lock putter length for height fitting chart to choose the perfect length for you. Contact us with your custom putter length request if your height is not listed.



Choke down and hold the putter with the trail hand only as if you were going to putt with only that hand on the club. The elbow should be bent, not fully extended. Lean the shaft forward until the bottom of the putter rests flat to the ground. Opening the shoulders by pulling the lead shoulder back will make this easier.

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2) Position lead arm

First, place the lead forearm in position in-line with the shaft, then grip the club with the lead hand in a 'strong' position by rotating the arm & wrist. The lead elbow MUST be significantly bent and 'pulled back' nearly touching the side of the torso, not extended or in front of you. When correct, the upper portion of the lead arm will be almost in-line with the angle of the spine.

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grip the club

The lead hand grip should be 'strong' with all four knuckles visible when looking down. The trail hand should be neutral, with the palm facing at the target. *

* Using a 'claw' or 'pencil' grip with the trail hand is fine too.

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4) final set up position

When set up correctly, the eyes will be directly above the ball and both the lead and trailing forearms will be directly in line with the shaft. The trailing elbow and shoulder should feel “underneath” and be lower than the lead shoulder. The shoulders should be slightly open to the intended start line due to the position of the shaft and lead arm.

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The quality and workmanship of LEAN LOCK putters is really impressive. The detailed milling and black oxide finish are professional grade, and the classic shapes combined with the white aiming lines make them easy to aim.

Barry Richardson, PGA
Head Golf Professional, Amelia Island, FL

I putted awesome and won a tournament last Saturday with my new LEAN LOCK putter. What used to be the worst part of my game is much better now!

Joe Parrish (+0.2 index)
Yulee, FL

I switched to LEAN LOCK a week ago and just played golf with my son. Putted like a PRO! Birdie and 2 eagles! Made everything from 10 feet in. I'll never putt any other way again!

Bo Venerdi (6.2 index)
Amelia Island, FL

As a beginning golfer, I am learning everything new. It just makes more sense to putt this way than how I was taught originally.

Penny Giles (30.4 index)
Fernandina Beach, FL

LEAN LOCK is simply a better way to putt. Period!

Clint Davis (10.8 index)
Amelia City, FL

LEAN LOCK'S patent-pending putter will have you striking every putt pure - it's a true breakthrough in golf.

Jay Golden, PGA Member
Co-Author, Kathy Whitworth's Little Book of Golf Wisdom

LEAN LOCK Inventor sets course record


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Yes! LEAN LOCK putters and the LEAN LOCK putting method comply with The Rules of Golf and are legal for use in all USGA and R&A governed competitions.

CLICK the link below or paste it into your browser to view the fitting chart to find the perfect arm lock putter length for height for your custom putter from LEAN LOCK.


For most, it takes only 2 weeks or less of practice to realize how great LEAN LOCK putting is for them. Read the book and do exactly what we teach and you will have success.

By following the step-by-step set up routine, the instructions in the book, and the video lessons, you will get comfortable quickly and will start striking pure putts every time.

The “Putting it all Together” and “How to Practice” sections of the book, plus the online videos, will teach you all of the correct feelings and have you striking pure putts in no time.

YES, we are convinced it is. Read the independent testimonials to see what others have to say. LEAN LOCK is the only legal anchoring method that can guarantee the wrists will never break down. If you copy what Brian does and do exactly what he teaches you will have success.