About Lean Lock

I began playing golf at the age of seven. Eventually I became a top junior, amateur and collegiate golfer; winning eight NCAA individual titles before qualifying for the PGA Tour. On the PGA Tour I was a runner-up twice and won two international titles while achieving a Top 100 OWGR ranking. I finished 29th on the PGA Tour money list in 1990, played in multiple U.S. Opens, U.S. PGA Championships and The Masters. Post golf, I went on to become a successful entrepreneur, corporate executive for multiple companies and franchisee owner of Papa John’s Pizza.

Even though I played professional golf at the highest level, I struggled to truly understand how to putt consistently well. In search of consistency, I tried virtually every instruction theory and putting method that exists, which ultimately only confused me more.

At the height of my confusion, I asked myself a simple question, “What needs to happen to strike a pure putt and what factors could I control to make that happen consistently?”

My pursuit of answering that simple question eventually led me to the firm understanding that, no matter how you accomplish it, in order to strike a pure putt, at the moment of impact, the putter must be traveling at an ascending angle as close to straight along the intended start line as possible with the club face square to that line.

Through a lot of trial, error and prototype putters, I created a unique new way of putting that makes that happen more consistently: the LEAN LOCK™ putting method.

By reading my book and playing with my ground-breaking patent-pending LEAN LOCK putter, you will learn How to strike a pure putt and how the LEAN LOCK putting method will help you become a consistent and successful putter.

Brian Tennyson