Enhance Your Putting Game with the Wrist Lock Putter Grip

Are you looking to elevate your putting game to the next level? Look no further than the Lean Lock's innovative Wrist Lock Putter Grip. We call it the Lean Lock grip due to the extra forward shaft lean required when using the Lean Lock putting method. It will revolutionize your performance on the green. Lean Lock's custom putters and grips are crafted with precision and engineered for excellence. Combine that with this grip and it's a game-changer for golfers seeking enhanced consistency and precision in their strokes.

Unlock Greater Consistency and Control

Specifically, Lean Lock's superior Wrist Lock Putter Grip is designed to secure the shaft against the upper wrist and forearm eliminating any unnecessary motion and making sure your stroke is on target. This innovative design results in higher consistency in terms of starting the ball on-line and better distance control overall. You will see fewer inconsistent putts and will achieve a more controlled and repeatable putting stroke.

Enhanced Performance Features

The company has taken into account all the SuperStroke 'Tech-Port' accessories and the CounterCore weight system into the design of this grip configuration. With an extra wide flat side, this system establishes a more secure connection to the club creating a more stable putter path for more consistent putting. The oversize nature of this grip's design helps to reduce wrist manipulation thus reducing putter face angle rotation. With this grip, the path of putter stroke will be more stable and repeatable.

Exceptional Comfort and Feedback

High performance can be expected with this new Wrist Lock Putter Grip. Tailored with superior materials and creative design elements, this grip is immensely sensitive, delivering an enhanced sensory experience during the swing. The soft polyurethane layer on the outside transmits all the information needed for perfect feedback, and this way you can feel every detail of your putt. Stay focused and composed during the critical moments on the course with this specially designed Wrist Lock Putter.

Conforming with Golf Rules

A golfer must not violate The Rules of Golf. One of the common violations is the improper use of the club or equipment that is non-conforming. Be confident that Lean Lock's Wrist Lock Putter conforms with The Rules of Golf and can be used in competitions governed by the USGA and R&A. Its particular feature fits on your upper wrist and forearm, prohibiting any unwanted motion while you are performing your stroke. As long as the upper end of the club does not extend above the elbow joint it is within the rules.

Elevate Your Putting Experience Today

Upgrade your putting game beyond Super Stroke Lean Lock's Wrist Lock Putter. Say hello to consistent strokes, improved accuracy, and heightened confidence on the green. Take control and enhance your overall performance with this exceptional grip. Order yours today and experience a new level of precision in your putting game!