Question:  What are the main benefits of LEAN LOCK?

Answer:  LEAN LOCK optimizes your APA and eliminates the possibility of the wrists “breaking down during the stroke, reducing variables and allowing you to use the natural “touch” in your dominant hand to roll the ball exactly where you want it to go.

Question:  What is APA?

Answer:  APA stands for Clubface Aim, Path and Angle of Attack at impact, the three keys to striking a pure putt.

Question:  Is LEAN LOCK difficult to learn?

Answer:  NO, by following the step-by-step tutorial and using the set up routine detailed in the book, you will quickly develop a routine that puts you in the perfect position for striking pure putts every time, and you will understand how to optimize your APA to strike pure putts.

Question:  How should the LEAN LOCK stroke feel?

Answer:  Our motto is "Think Different, Putt Better" so it will feel different initially. The “Putting it all Together” and “How to Practice” sections of the book will teach you all of the correct moves, feelings and drills and will have you striking pure putts in no time. 

Question:  Is LEAN LOCK really a better way to putt?

Answer:  YES, we are convinced it is and you will be too! The book also includes a “Quick Tips and Common Errors" section to make fixing yourself quick and easy when your putting is a little off track.

Question:  Is Lean Lock legal for use in competition?

Answer:  Brian Tennyson has personally used LEAN LOCK in qualifying for several USGA championships without incident or penalty.