Mastering Your Putting Game: Tips for Better Putting Performance

Every golfer knows that the putting makes or breaks a play even if you have other great shots. Regardless of the level you are at, be it a seasoned player or a beginner, mastering the art of putting can help you achieve lower scores and boost your confidence on the course. In case you need to improve your performance with the putter, here are some ideas and putting tips which are easy to learn and could help you hone your game.

The Importance of Putting in Golf

Many times the putting is referred to as “the game inside the game” in golfing. That is where you acquire a lot of strokes, and therefore, exceptional hitting can have a quantum leap in the total score you make. Controlling the putting yips involves dedicating time to the fundamental basics of putting before and/or after every round. Use quality golf equipment, including a Lean Lock putter, will enhance your consistency and enjoyment of the game. 

 Custom Putter Fitting

Making sure you have the right equipment set up the right way for you can have a big impact on your putting. Fitting a custom putter is meant to allow you to experience a putter that perfectly matches your stroke, alignment, and body type. Having the putter of correct length, lie angle, and loft for your stroke type will enable you to sink more putts.

Tips for Better Putting

  1. Focus on Speed Control: A concentration of the speed of putts rather than merely aiming will help lower your scores. Putts that come to rest within two feet or less should be the goal. It is also much easier to read a green when you have a good feel of distance and your speed control is consistent, which will lead to fewer three-putts and overall better putting.
  1. Consistent Grip Pressure: Strive to keep a steady amount of pressure in your hands during your stroke for stable rhythm and constant touch. Try using different grip pressures in order to become aware of the variation and hence identify the most suitable one for you.
  1. Reading the Green: Knowledge in the shape of the green and how it relates to the direction of your putt is a foundation to your putting skills. One of the most important things about becoming better at reading greens is practicing putts of different distances, and in different directions so that you learn to judge distance control more precisely and be accurate.
  1. Steady Stroke: Keep your putting stroke steady and stable by minimizing unnecessary movements; like the Lean Lock putting method does. A smooth and controlled stroke will help you maintain consistency in both distance and direction.
  1. Proper Alignment: Ensure that your body alignments are correct when setting up for a putt. Practicing your set up by starting over and repeating it on every putt you hit is the best way to to do that.
  1. Focused Practice: Dedicate time to focused practice sessions to hone your skills and build confidence on the green. Work on drills that target specific aspects of your putting technique, such as speed control, alignment, and consistency. Make it a game / competition by forcing yourself to make 5 or 10 in a row from three feet or five feet. Practice straight putts as well as putts with both break to the left and right.

Overcoming Putting Yips

Putting yips can be a frustrating challenge for many golfers, leading to inconsistent strokes and missed putts. To overcome putting yips, focus on relaxation techniques, mental visualization, and especially having a smooth transition from the backstroke to the forward stroke. Seeking guidance from a professional coach or sports psychologist can also be useful.

Elevate Your Putting Game with Lean Lock Putting

For additional insights and expert advice on improving your putting skills, visit Lean Lock Putting's website at ( Explore valuable resources, putting tips, and tools designed to help you learn how to putt better, sink more putts, and elevate your overall golf performance.

By incorporating these tips into your practice routine and utilizing custom fitting services for your putter, you can enhance your putting game, boost your confidence on the green, and ultimately improve your overall golf performance. Remember that consistent practice, patience, and dedication are key to mastering the art of putting in golf.