Fitting Your LEAN LOCK / Arm Lock Putter for Height


Arm Lock Putter Length for Height: Promoting Lean Lock Putting

In favor of excellent putting, Lean Lock Putting offers a novel way of arm lock putter fitting based on height. This section will help educate golfers regarding optimizing their arm lock putter length for height which will make them better and more consistent on the green.

Understanding Arm Lock Putters

An arm lock putter has a handle that is long enough to grip it lower so that the handle extends up past the hands, making the club more stable during the stroke. The popularity of this method is due to how it improves accuracy and reduces inconsistency.

Importance of Correct Length

A golfer should seek a putter that best matches their personal physical characteristics; mainly their height. Choosing the right arm lock putter length for height is also important  to avoid poor posture and loss of control. To be in compliance with The Rules of Golf, the end of the putter cannot extend above the elbow joint.

Additional Factors to Consider

Apart from height, many other aspects must be taken into account in order to achieve top performance involving the putter. Personal tendencies and preferences for the amount of bend in the knees and from the waist also impact fitting an arm lock putter for height properly.

How can the Lean Lock putter help improve your putting game

Lean Lock putters are manufactured with the intention of improving your game by eliminating wrist movement, which is the source of issues such as inconsistent contact and misalignment at impact. Invented by the PGA Tour pro, Brian Tennyson, Lean Lock putters are equipped with a unique forward shaft lean technology to enable the absolute best legal anchoring method allowed under The Rules of Golf. 

The forward shaft lean technology allows golfers to anchor the putter to the target side of the lead arm; thus eliminating any possibility for the wrists to break down during the stroke. Lean Lock's perimeter weighted putters together with the superior anchoring method create unparalleled stability during the putting stroke, resulting in a better chance for good contact.

Because the putter is locked into position, golfers can maintain the shaft against the forearm with less tension, resulting in improved "touch" and superior control over the putter head. The combination of perimeter weighting and forward shaft lean minimizes torque, promoting a smooth, controlled stroke.


By adopting the Lean Lock putting method, golfers can expect to increase their putting consistency and confidence, particularly on shorter putts. Through the use of Lean Lock putters and accompanying resources, golfers can learn to perfect their putting technique and lower their scores on the course.

Optimal arm lock putter length is paramount for enhancing putting performance and consistency. By considering the golfer's height and other relevant factors, Lean Lock Putting helps golfers select the right equipment to suit their individual needs. As a result, golfers can enjoy a smoother, more consistent putting motion and ultimately lower scores.