Lean Lock Method

The Lean Lock™ putting method is based on the trailing hand/side being the “fulcrum” that swings the putter and controls the stroke, which means the right hand, arm and shoulder are doing most of the work to control the stroke and control the speed for a right-handed golfer.

With the trail hand and forearm in alignment with the shaft at address they operate like a piston during the putting stroke to propel the putter head straight along an extension of the intended start line.

For a right-handed golfer that is the right/trail hand, arm and shoulder. The left/lead side has been by design set up in an open position to be out of the way and not interfere. Except for the pressure points and locks created during the setup, the lead side should be relaxed and more or less along for the ride.

The Lean Lock™ putting method eliminates the wrists breaking down and reduces club face rotation due to the system of locks created in the setup. You are free to control the stroke and strike the ball using your dominant trailing hand/side without any fear.

The right trail hand, forearm, and shoulder, combined with the Lean Lock putter, work as one single unit. When you are ready to start the stroke, remember that controlling the APA (Aim, Path, Attack Angle) is what produces a pure putt.